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Fiesta Mk7 Side Skirt Extension Group Buy


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I have arranged a group buy on fiesta mk7 side skirt extensions with Kev from triple r composites. He is willing to send them out at £90 delivered if I can get 15 people involved. They are normally £105 so £15 discount.

So far I have 8 names. Anyone on here interested and want to put their name down?




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there is guy selling a set of side skirts for 140, painted white, never fitted. buy them and then buy theses lol

yeah unfortunately the skirts on 7.5 are different and they don't fit.

Lol i wish m8 i carnt afford it atm :/ spent way too much on the car as it is lol

Has Kev not made ones for the 7.5 yet?

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I want these how do I go or where do I get them

Hi mate, if you want in on the group buy, send me an email - norm130@msn.com and i'll fill you in on the details

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