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1.4 Cvh Gearbox On 2.0 Zetec ?


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im currently doing a Zetec swap on my escort mk4 with a goal power of 200-250 bhp.

i was wondering what gearboxs was best suited ?

The MTX75 can take a lot of torque (as you will know its the torque that kills them, not the power)- ive been running 370+Nm for a while (but i have a solid DMF conversion, carbon fiber/kevlar clutch - supposedly good for 400Hp/400 torques) its plentiful/ cheap/ easy to obtain as well - im not sure how easy it will fit but its often used on Ford coversions/ engine swaps

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mtx75 arent cable. So im guessing it need some converting ?

Mine is a cable (Mondeo mk3 2.0L diesel) the MTX75 was used on the early Mondeo mk3 3.0L ST220s

I have very little idea how you would fit it on - mine came with my car and i just stuck in the flywheel/ carbon clutch etc + modified the gearstick to make it a short- shifter, i did transplants/ conversions in the past (practically built a race car from scratch) but its too much hassle/ too much work for me now

the cvh driveshafts are probably quite weedy and the brakes are small - you might be better using a Mondeo front end (driveshafts, brakes suspension ) a mk3 has 5- stud wheels, the mk1/2 has 4 stud

edit- the Mondeo probably has too wide a track for the Escort, possibly a Fiesta ST front may fit better (g-box/ driveshafts/ brakes suspension)

What gearbox normally comes with the 2.0L zetec?

were you considering going 6-speed?

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i just want a safe, smooth power delvery. ( i dont mind less power for better reilabilty. i will be using the car everyday for work (35 miles)

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i heard the 6 speed was hard to pull off. Is there any bolt on things i can use. if i fit bigger brakes will i need a bigger slave cyclinder and servo ?

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