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Strange Engine Noise When Starting Cold, And When Accelerate


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Hi everyone, like you can see and hear i have some problem, wich my ST MK2 some ideas?

the noise always there when engene is could, and disappear after 1-2 min, and come back when you accelerate and turbo start working.

the sound is not as high as in video,phone filter just make it sound that high. :D)

Thanks for help.

Noise from inside

and noise disappear after some seconds.

Take the car to some turbo experts next week.

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Initially sounded like a belt slip, but then it sounds like its actually blowing, have you checked the intercooler pipe and hoses for any cracks or splits?

Does the noise get worse if you accelerate the car standing still?

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take it to ford today, they think its turbo, but they need to take the turbo apart to test, no the noise disappear after some 60 sec.and its was not easy to mechanics to find out where its coming from, the noise coming only on cold motor,and take some time to cool down...;D)and then you just have 60 sec to find out..:D) but they think its turbo.

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