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Mk6 Gti Estate

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Can anyone help.im looking for inner/outer sills.front chassis rail ends and rear chassis rail end for my mk 6 escort estate as totaly rotted out.

Thanks nick

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I have a europarts panel book in my car as a lot of panels aren't in website. If u want a pic of panels for us car let me know

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Did you get yours sorted?

I've also got a GTi estate and under the gleaming radiant red side skirts were wrecked outer sills. My local garage outsourced the job to a specialist who did the necessary whilst I was away for two weeks holiday.

I supplied a pair of new full outer sills (from eBay) and had everything cleaned up ready (arch liners out, skirts off ect.

The bill was £490 and the car came back with all the repairs perfectly done, seams ground down and all black primed. This included fabricating new inner sills, parts of the front floor pan (drivers side) and making up and fitting a new rear cross-panel behind the back bumper.

I bought the car in June this year with a recent MOT which annoys me as the rot was obviously there for years. That rear panel had been cleaned up and patched with a load of fibreglass paste and then undersealed. But the rest of the car is great, perfect rear arches and chassis rails and now all Waxoyled (that's another story - those sprayer tubes are useless).

Hope you've saved yours as there's only about 50 GTi estates left from the original 500 - I had one new from '98 to 2001, also red so buying this one was a bit of a mid-life crisis I guess.

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