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Taking Out 6000Cd


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Hi guys,

My nephew put about 15-20 coins into the cd slot of my 6000cd. I bought the four radio release keys from eBay, got the radio out, managed to shake out about 20p in copper coins. I know for sure there is at least one more in there as I saw it and pushed it toward the cd slot but couldn't get it out. I don't have the right screwdriver to open it at the minute but will be going to B&Q shortly (can anyone confirm it is a T10/torx I need?)

When the coins were put in, the radio would not power up, when I manage to get all the coins out will I need to just replace the fuses or could there be a bigger issue caused by the coins?

I appreciate any and all help,


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You will need to replace the fuse as well I expect you could have shorted it when the coins where in there. as to what damage is done, it could be a replacement you need altogether...

I would suggest, get a multibit screwdriver set, as you get all the Torx sizes that you should require, T25/30 rings bells, but cant say 100% the one you need.

Gotta love kids ;)

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