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Cambelt Change 54 Plate 1.4 Duratec

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My.car has done 56k and it's my 1st Car, my mechanic Said I need to change the cam belt and water pump, does the pump need changing. He wants 300£ to do it does this sound right?

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Hi Shane,

the belt has done 10 years so its worth doing it, but the water pump is recommended to be changed as they do fail, and if you need it replacing in the future, then its best to get it replaced now, as they need to faff with the belt to get at the pump.

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Agreed, had mine replaced, aside a hairline crack, if I just felt the teeth etc it would have felt brand new..

£210 lighter for the privelage, and I need to get it done again when I get the fuel pump aux chain replaced as well, but when its done, the car will be good for another long time.

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Up until the point the belt snaps or looses teeth they do tend to look just fine so never be trust how they look.

£300 in London is probably about right? I'm not sure if the water pump is cambelt driven though, if it's not I would just leave it for now.

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