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How To Sort Rust?

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I've got a zs fiesta,there's some rust on the underside of the car that I want to sand down and then paint with that black paint seal stuff.

What I wanna know is,do I just simply use a wire brush bit on my sander,or do I need to use certain grit sandpapers?

Anyone tell me or show me a link with a good guide,much appreciated.


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If it's just surface rust the literally sand it all off. Do not leave 1 spec on there as it will come back very quickly.

Then paint it with the black sealant paint.

However if it's not surface rust and goes through ( try stabbing it with a screwdriver) then it will be a welding job.

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Use an intense sandpaper (the lower the number the better - 400 grit for example) and treat it all up. then, if you have KRUST - you can then wipe down all the area that you just sanded with KRUST and leave it to dry. Once its dry, then you can use the sealant

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The camera flash made it look thinner than it is,but I will put a thick second layer on it,didn't have the best of brushes to apply it either lol.

cars lowered so even on the jack the vision wasn't that great.

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