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Brake Fluid Overflowing After Fluid Change

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I recently had my fiesta mk6.5 (the facelift one) serviced and had the brake fluid changed. All was fine until I noticed a little puddle under the car. Under further inspection the brake fluid has overflowed from the reservoir and dripped onto the edge of the plastic cam belt cover and onto the floor. I've cleaned it off the best I can now.

Should I just drain the excess, or is it worth me taking it back to the mechanics to check it out? The pedals nice and firm just like it was before but hoping they've not overlooked something.


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If it's like what I use to change brake fluid at my work it's a pressure bleeder. It fills it full. U just need to take the level back down to the max and it will be fine. U can take it back to them if u feel ur not happy about it though. Hope that helps

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Thanks for the reply :) Took it back this morning as they're not far away. Had it back on the ramp to check for leaks and didn't find anything so they drained the excess and will keep an eye on it next few days.

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