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Rear Diffuser

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as title I have got a zetecs rear diffuser and asked a body shop how much they would want to fit it and got told £40 don't think that's to bad.

but I have seen that people use tiger seal to secure side skirts and diffusers but cant seem to get hold of in my neck of the woods.

so what else could I use that I could pick up from b&q or Halfords.

any help would be much appreciated

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Had a friend help me, used silkaflex, screws and rivets. You could do it yourself tbh with help, but £40 sounds like a good price.

Do you have a screwfix in wales?

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cheers for the replys chaps.

hyrule yes we have a screwfix here in wales.

just been looking on screw fix web site now and came across this


would it be any good for what I want it for?

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This is the stuff I bought, tried to get as dark a colour as possible so it doesn't show up to much on the body work:

Adhesive: http://www.screwfix.com/p/sika-sikaflex-ebt-adhesive-black-300ml/79299?source=aw&awc=1228_1408011150_b98544592281c62f142ee20023de1d07&cm_mmc=AffiliateWindow-_-DeepLink-_-Na-_-78888

Applicator Gun: http://www.screwfix.com/p/no-nonsense-heavy-duty-applicator-gun-300-310ml/28862?source=aw&awc=1228_1408011152_ec93fe939b36b5367d5161c2dc4f4b6b&cm_mmc=AffiliateWindow-_-DeepLink-_-Na-_-78888

I forgot to mention I also had a genuine ford adhesive kit, with a whole bunch of stuff for prepping in it. I doubt I will have any use for it again. I'll dig out what I have left and let you know, more than happy to send you what I have.

I'll check and get back to you

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that would be great ben if you could do that I would be very great full.

think I will buy myself a cordless drill to put some holes in the rear bumper and attach the screws that came with it as well as use the double sided tape and the glue just to be on the safe side.

don't think im going to get chance to fit this week as planed as the weather here has taken a turn for the worse.

but as soon as iv managed to get it fitted I will add some pics onto my thred

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