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My Mk2 57 Plate Focus Titanium


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Hi all. My build thread doesn't really consist of much currently but the bits I have done so far are as follows


Ford gel badges

Painted rear drums black to get rid of rust look

Painted front calipers red


Custom dials in red

Parrot bluetooth device

Red interior lights front and rear and foot well (front) lights

Boot light in red











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So a mate of mine was talking about getting a bonnet bra for his focus and asked if I would consider one. I would like to know what anyone thinks of them and are they worth getting. Also anyone know where I can get the Zetec 5 speed silver gear knob?

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So the ten white bulbs are got weren't so great. I purchased better ones instead. Gotta order some more bulbs for the boot and glove box but that will have to wait till next Friday when I get paid. I ordered some new xenon headlight and sidelight bulbs. Fitted them today and they look great for under a fiver for all four bulbs. Pics to follow of all lighting so far. Opinions will be appreciated. Cheers.

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Just a quick update on the focus. I received today my new main/high beam bulbs and new fog light bulbs through the post as I noticed after to replacing my headlight bulbs to brighter ones my high beam bulbs and fog light bulbs were very dull. I have ordered new side repeater bulbs for the mirror indicators. They should arrive by Wednesday or Thursday. Following that I will have to make a start on the rear lights. Only thing changed on the rear of the focus is the number plate bulbs.

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Ok. The gearbox I purchased had to be sent back as the starter motor won't fit. Apparently I have a 2bolt cmax starter motor on my car. Currently trying to track down a bell housing or get mine fixed. Then the focus can be repaired and I'm trading her in unfortunately. Will be sad to see her go.

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