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Sony Dab - Finding Stations


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I'm after some help (again!).

I've just bought a used Focus Titanium so it's got the SONY DAB radio. I've worked out how to save stations into my presets.... I've done a scan and (patiently) waited for my chosen stations to be found, pressed OK, then held down the station preset button. Then return to the scan and wait (patiently) for the next one.

After quite a while I've got nearly all my favourites stations saved but am missing one - Five Live Extra. The scan now seems to have gone full circle and started again from the beginning.

Am I missing something - I can't help but feel there must be an easier way to do this, like my DAB radios in my house where I can just scroll through all the stations.

Any tips would be appreciated!


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Not an expert and mines a fiesta but when I added dab stations I selected manual. This gave me block choices. I selected a block and it found stations within each block I searched. I just manually added ones I wanted and then moved on to next block.

Not sure if yours is different. I've not read the manual though. ..just messed about.

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Actually just went and tried and it is some kind of auto. I can't find 5 live xtra. Maybe it's not on it. Most of my region seem to be up at blocks 11 and 12. The manual button I cant figure as only plays 1 station from a block of stations

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