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Yet Another 'engine Systems Fault' Problem


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My 55 plate ford focus 1.8 tdci ghia recently slipped into limp mode, I called out the RAC for a diagnostic and they said the ECU was reading an EGR fault. I had the EGR cleaned but no joy, I then had the EGR blanked off and the sensor deleted. Again still no joy.

Now my car still reads ' engine systems fault' but there are no error codes on the ECU!!

A local garage has checked the fuel filter and replaced it but still the car is in limp mode.

The next step I've been told is to test the fuel pumps and if faulty replace them. But after checking prices I'm woried this is going to become more and more pricey and I'm not sure the car is worth it.

I've already shelled out over £400 and the fuel pumps are looking like they're gonna cost an arm and a leg yet there is still no guarantee this is going to fix the problem.

Can anyone shed any light??!!

Cheers Marc

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If there are no stored DTC codes the problem is most likely caused by a defective instrument cluster.

The Focus MK2/MK2.5 instrument clusters are known to cause these kind of problems. It is caused by bad quality soldering connections of the instrument cluster. During time the soldering connections on the circuit board of the instrument cluster become cracked due to vibrations (especially when driving on bad roads often). Eventually this causes a bad (or no) connection which can lead to various problems.

Most times this problem can be recognised by wiggling the instrument cluster connector.

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Thanks for your reply Wilco

When I think about it the instrument cluster has played up in the past but it has never put the car into limp mode before. However replacing the cluster may be the cheaper option to try than fuel pumps etc for the moment.

Thanks again

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Just done the instrument cluster 'test' that I found on youtube and there are two error codes on here that the ECU reader wasn't picking up.

9318 battery voltage low

A103 Antenna Not Connected / Defective Transceiver

Anyone help with these codes?


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This is the problem I've had.

What I found was if I left the car when parked up for say 2 minutes or more and the ignition turned on to position 2 (just before you turn it over) I would get "engine system fault" or the red light by the speedometer would stay on.

The DTC faults I could get ranged from various PATS errors - telling me the car has been stolen, the key signal is wrong etc etc - throttle position sensor, general communication error and other funky errors including your 'battery low' DTC. This would often mean the car wouldn't start. BUT if I left it alone for a minute with the ignition at position off it would start no problem.

After cleaning and re-soldering the cluster connection all is well!

Hope that helps.

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Just got the instrument cluster back from 'cluster repairs' at a cost of £130 including delivery and the 'engine systems fault' is still present!! I'm at a loss as to what to do next apart from calling cluster repairs and asking what they've actually done to charge me £130!!

Frustrated as ****


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Are there any DTC codes stored in any of the CANbus modules?

Which diagnostic system is used to read the DTC codes? For diagnostics a Ford specific diagnostic system should be used. Many of the generic code readers/diagnostic software can only read the PCM and do only show the DTC codes which are implemented into the (E)OBD regulations. Manufacturer specific DTC codes and DTC codes of other available (CANbus) modules usually can not be read with a generic code reader/diagnostic software.

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I had 2 DTC on there before I sent the cluster off for repair A103 & 9318.

Now I have 6!!

9681, 5750, 9318, E510, D900, A103

But I was told these were not important for diagnostic purposes.

I'm at a loss with it all.

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DTC A103 = B2103: Antenna Not Connected - Defective Transceiver

DTC 5750 = : Accelerator Position Sensor Out of Range

DTC 9318 = B1318: battery voltage Low

DTC E510 = U2510: Missing or invalid security data to Powertrain Control Module.

DTC 9681 = : PATS Tranceiver Signal is Not Received

DTC D900 = U1900: CAN Communication Bus Fault

Which diagnostic system is used to read these codes? These codes look like the codes which can be read with the test menu of the instrument cluster. Note that the test menu of the instrument cluster is not very accurate. This will only show a limited number of DTC codes. Usually A Ford specific diagnostic system is able to read DTC codes which are not shown by the test menu.

In my opinion most of the DTC codes are caused by switching the ignition on with a disconnected instrument cluster. You should delete all codes first before you will be able to perform a reliable diagnostic. All DTC codes which come back immediately are active DTC codes. DTC D900/U1900 is not Always an actual fault. This code can also be caused by the diagnostics.

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Finally got the car fixed. I went to the dealers and paid for them to run a diagnostic on it, turns out it was the !Removed! glow plugs!!

Charged me £215 in all to replace them. Even so I wish I'd just gone straight there instead of trying to fix the car on the cheap?!!

Ha, I must have spent over £700 since it first went into limp mode.

Lesson learned, straight to the dealers next time....or not.

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Trust me - dealers aren't the be all and end all when it comes to quick and cheap fixes.

Me: There is a knock

Quick test drive/diagnostics at a main dealer: "could be gearbox or driveshaft"

Quick test drive/diagnostics at other garage: "You have a big bolt in one of your front tyres"


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