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Focus Convertible


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Hi everyone

I have a Ford Focus convertible 2007 and for the past week or so I've had problems with the driver's side window not opening/closing. Now it's completely packed up and I cant close the window. All the other windows are working perfectly.

1. Do all the windows work on individual motors?

2. How can I tell if it's a motor problem or a switch problem?

3. What sort of money do I need to expect to pay for the repair?

All answers will be greatly appreciated

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You can try the switch self-diagnosis.

Press and hold the rear demister button as you start the car.

After about 10 seconds there should be a tone and your hazards should flash.

Now every time you activate a switch you should get tone/flash.

I'm pretty sure the door switches should do the same.

Repeat the same press/start to deactivate the test.

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Thank you Clive

I did the switch diagnosis (You forgot to say to let go after 10 seconds) and there was a tone and the hazards flashed. So does that mean that the switch is working and if so, does it mean that the motor is gone?

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I can't understand this....when it's raining it works ok. As soon as it's a dry day, I can't get it up or down. What do you think is causing this Clive.

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