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New Injector?


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Ok after 700 miles of injector cleaner i have just done another leak off test for 6 mins at idle,

1. 60ml

2. 45 ml

3 50 ml

4.50 ml

as you can see injector number 1 is 15 ml higher than the lowest reading (more than 30% higher). is this definately a sign that i need to replace injector 1.

If so which injector do i buy, its a 1.8 tdci 115ps year 2004.

I have seen various injectors such as EJBR02201Z and EJBR01601Z both supposedly for 1.8tdci, but what do these numbers and letters mean, which one do i buy?

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Hi, I 've the same engine as you. I 'm interested to know how many miles you 've done and what injector cleaner did you use ? Why don' t you give your local Ford parts department a call :).

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I personally think you should use an addative to help keep injectors clean on a regular basis. Millers is about 13 quid should help reduce carbon build up. I used it from the day i bought thr car but injector was probably already goosed on mine, when i replace it i will keep using millers addative to hopefully keepit clean

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