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My Mk6 Escort Project :)


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Hi my name is Tom and I'm from South Leicester,

I've been lurking on here for some time and have decided to join up and make a 'build thread'

I've owned my mk6 1.6 zetec for a year now , paid £350 with 52k on the clock , taxed and mot'd after my clio was Turning into a French money pit:)

after 3months of ownership the ecu failed after the coil pack failed and caused a flash back and burnt out the ignition drivers on the ecu :(

Picked up ecu , ignition barrel (with keys) transponder and door locks off eBay for £38 and she was back on the road :D

I've done quite abit of work and odds and ends on the car

15" mondeo ( cosworth style ) alloys

2.5" custom cat back exhaust

Lowered about 60mm on spax rst coilovers

Fitted rev counter and plasma dial kit

Convert all dash lights from green to blue led's and foot well lights

Just a few pictures I've got to hand ,

I'll upload more when I get home

Let me know what you think:D


- Drill the wrong side of the air box and your engine will be swallowing stones , grit , dust , old ladies and cinqueto's.

-don't fix it if it ain't broke

-be the black sheep

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