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Annual Standard Service Question...

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Hi all,

Have recently purchased a 2005 Mondeo Zetec TDCi estate and to comply with the terms of Evans Halshaws 12 month warranty I must have it serviced either by them or a VAT registered repairer.

Looking in the service manual it is due service number 10 which according to the table is an "Annual Standard Service"

What exactly comprises an annual standard service? There is a 55 point check including oil change on groupon, would this be acceptable?

Thanks in advance.

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I'm getting very confused now, I never realised servicing a car was so complicated!

My Evans Halshaw warranty states that I must maintain my cars service schedule and my Ford service book states it is due an "Annual Standard Service" (stamp 10) as a Major service was done/due for stamp 9.

I rang my local Ford dealer and was told I'd need a "Motorcraft 4+ Minor service" for £125. However I explained everything to a local independent garage who told me I needed an Interim service. After consulting Google it would appear a interim service is supposed to be in 6 month intervals...and I need an annual service according to my service book.

The Motorcraft 4+ minor service doesn't look like much, 30 point check. Whereas there are services on Groupon with 54 point checks for half the price Ford want.

Can anyone suggest what the correct service is for a "Annual Standard Service" and give me an idea of what I should be paying?


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