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1.8 Tdci Fueling Problems Help Needed


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Hi im running a 59 plate connectnwhich inknow isnt a focus but im stumped so thouhht someone onnhere might be able to help me, I wore through a fuel line the other day and therefore had a break down , whilst I was changing the line which is the main one from the filter to pump I broke a peice of the pump off so everytime I bled he system I was loosimg oresure from there, so I put a new pump on, I found a previosly reconed pump on a 1.8 focus which was a runner so that went on the van now starts and runs reallh very well but if you put in a big input from the accelerator it dosnt and splutters but when the revs are gently buikt up its alright ive plugged it in and it says low rail pressure so ive che ked lines fikter etc and all seems well does anyone out there know if the pump is set differently or do I have to do anythimg further to match the pump with the engine im alright at fitting but internals sre lost on me any help is much appreciated thankyou .James

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Low fuel rail pressure usually indicated a new fuel filter is needed.

Under light throttle the car/van will run fine but as soon as you give it the go pedal it cuts out as fuel cannot get through quick enough.

Regular fuel filter changes are a must and a quality one too. :D :D :driving: :driving:

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Ill change it again and see if that makes any differene thanks, is it possible there could be a nlockage further down, or the pump ouldnt be running corectley like I said the obd just said low rail pressure, just thinkimg because it startsand drives sweet you cant turn these pumps p can you ?? Like older ones, thanks for your help

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