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New Car Or Add Frills?


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I'm having the old age dilemma...buy a new car or add stuff to my current one.

It's a standard style model so it has no frills. I added alloys about a year ago. I would like a bluetooth kit but I want one that would be built in rather than the likes of a parrot and I have a feeling it would be a pain because of the centre console. I would also like tints but again I think it's a pain trying to find someone trustworthy to do it and making sure it doesn't look pants!

So I'm really looking for any advice I can get about the bluetooth thing. Is it expensive to do? Is it a hassle? And is it worth the hassle?

I really like the new fiesta but I've talked myself out of buying one for the past 6 months.

Thank you in advance for any enlightenment!

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