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Dpf Removal And Engine Remap - Light's Come On!


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Hi folks!

After having the dpf 'removed' and the engine remapped a couple of years ago, the power train warning light has come on (red cog and !). It first came on last wednesday and the car went into limp mode. I've had it checked for error codes by a private mechanic with a SnapOn analyser which showed up no error codes. He then took the car to the local Ford dealership and got them to hook it up to their kit only for no error code to show up again. Presumably this is because of the remap.

Incidently, only three months after having the dpf 'sorted' the turbo blew so I spent just over a grand having it replaced along with an uprated oil strainer and banjo bolts apparently to allow a better flow of oil to the new turbo.

Anyone had the same thing happen after a dpf mod?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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A couple of years ago ? I find it hard to believe the remap and dpf would take that long before throwing up errors. Maybe turbo as taken more abuse if the boost was turned up but I find that very unlikely

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