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Brake/tail Light Issue


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Hi I have just brought a focus 1.8 Zetec 2001 mk1

I'm having an issue with my tail lights when I turn them on my central brake light is on dim

When I break my tail lights go off and my central light illuminates but my side break lights don't come on

I have chased the earth and every connection seems good

Any ideas??

All help with be gratefully recieved

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so the earth connections are both good?

If so, then you need to track for a short circuit. The best place to look is the rubber conduit leading to the boot lid. The wires get fragile and can break easily.

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checking continuity across the live wires can help ID shorts too, as can isolating each side from the battery, just eliminate one thing at a time until you get the problem. youll need a multimeter though!

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