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Had my cmax just over a month, done 1,750 miles, has been fine until last Friday doing about 65-70 on a A road that it (hard to explain) seemed as if I took my foot right off the accelorator for a second & then put my foot back on. Happened about 5 times in the space of 7 minutes or so. Pulled over, turned off for about 10 mins, started up & done maybe 170 miles since (similar 65-70mph) driving & hasn't done it since.

Been to Ford garage who blamed/ suggested a possible cause (after asking me where I fill up) using supermarket diesel instead of a BP/Shell etc.. Because they have some kind of oil / gunk in their fuel.

Obviously don't want to damage my 1 month old motor & I'm due to fill up again soon. So my questions :-

Firstly has this happened to anyone else using a diesel on any model ?

Secondly is there any truth that supermarkets are not as good/recommended as the likes of BP/Shell ?.

They did say monitor it and bring it in if any further issues , which is fair enough but it's too early in its life for me to be worrying about something going wrong...

Thanks all in advance, your a good lot here ;)

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Firstly, fords in my opinion should have checked the car instead they have instantly blamed the fuel you have used.

Supermarket fuel is different as to those of bp, Shell, however I have used all of them and can say it's never done that.

Has it only done it once, have you used the garage for filling up before?

I would use bp or Shell and see what happens

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It was Tesco. Have used them hundreds of times for petrol & 7 or so times for diesel with my cmax.

It hasn't happened before (like I say, only had it 1 month) & it hasn't happened since.

I found it strange as it was as soon as I reached 1,500 miles it happened...

I'll monitor it, thanks for reply.

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As for the fuel quality supermarket fuel isn't as refined as that of Shell or BP etc (as is my understanding) all our vehicles at work run on cheap diesel mostly and we usually fill up on station or at supermarkets as it's cheap but they're forever having fuel filters changed because they get clogged up with rubbish. Having said that I wouldn't of thought it would've caused a problem in your car this quickly

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