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Fiesta Mk6 Diy Project Car. Epic Paint Job


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Hi I've just joined the forums to share my wee fiesta project. I bought my first car a year and a half ago. Its a ford fiesta mk6 1.25 in blue. Time came to mot it and it needed alot of work. So instead of scrapping it or selling it on as I didn't have money at the time I started to rip it apart with the intentions to rebuild it. 10 months later and I'm done. The dark blue paint job was scratched and chipping away in places so thought I will paint it myself to save money. Looked around for a bit and decided on BLACKBOARD PAINT! its pretty epic. Put a new engine in it. Its a 1.6 07 plate engine along with brand new well everything from driveshafts to subframe to rear axle, brakes, interior, facelift bumpers etc. Still not completely finished as I'm having problems with engine codes :( and god damn airbags!!! Still bits of work to do here or there but will upload pics of the build as it went on. Oh little tip - if you ever need to paint a car buy a gazebo. Works wonders


















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Still in the process of putting rear brake lines in and new cv joints as I messed the threads up. Will be done soon though and will upload pics then. Dunno if the black board paint will hold up in the winter but will have to wait and see. Total nut and bolt restoration like

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Nah tried that on a couple of test pieces before I painted the car. Didn't work. The car has got 4 coats of primer, 4 coats of satin black spray paint and 4 coats of black board paint. I had to use a foam roller like you use to paint radiators with for the whole car. So it actually has a leather texture to the out side.

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