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Strange Twang

Invisible Man

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Hi guys/girls

I have noticed a strange noise coming from the front left (i think) of the car. It happens when i go over a pothole or large bump in the road.

The best way I can describe it is that it that sounds like a ruler being 'twanged' on the edge of a desk

Anyone have any ideas??


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I had a spring go after clobbering a pothole and that corner had been rebuilt after a motorbike hit it about 11 months previous.

Didn't know the spring had gone until MOT and after sorting it found the top mount needed changing.

Driving around I had twanging like you have but only when cornering and it was because the mount was sticking while the spring was rotating making all the noise.

That's why I recommend doing the mount as else it's necessary to strip everything down again.

Do it all in one go and save about £100 in labour costs.

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New spring, top mount and labour ran to about £150 for me (or would have if I hadn't needed everything stripping down a second time).

Tbh, a broken spring will be quite obvious if you put the steering to full lock and get a torch in there and take a good look.

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