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Fitting New Radio - Adaptors Needed?


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Hi, not a Ford question but we all know this is the best forum so why would I want to join any other one?

My wife has a VW Fox which came without a radio - seems it was an optional extra at the time! I want to fit an aftermarket one on for her and have found it is already wired up with what looks like a standard quadlock, but an unusual looking aerial fitting. Looking up Google, VWs have something called FAKRA (?) and I need an adaptor to ISO type...is that right? Would it be as simple as buying the adaptor off eBay and thats it, or is it more complicated?

Also, any ideas on a basic but reliable head unit (single DIN) for this - just radio and aux/USB/SD card inputs are fine as its a second car and she only does about 3k miles per year.

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Thanks. Its hard to see what connectors are needed with any radios on the internet - there are loads of photos of the front but none of the back which is what I want to see for fitting! Some come with a connector and then a load of wires which need to be spliced which I want to try to avoid if possible - straight click into the back of the radio would be best.

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