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Turbo Problems Advice Please


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Well 3 weeks ago no i had the EGR valve replaced on my focus 2006 1.8 TDCI.

Last week i got an error P2099 Turbo underboost. Now i literally have no turbo at all. Very sluggish between 2k and 3k Revs.

Could it be related to anything regarding the EGR that was replaced failing or fitted correctly or am i literally the unluckiest man alive.

Funny thing is i am getting no error codes at all now just stuttering and juddering when cold and once warm just slow acceleration.

Thoughts most welcome. Iv had a quick check of the visible hoses and can't see any split or popped off. Thanks.

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Anything wrong with the electrical connection to the turbo for actuator control?

If it's default position is to keep the wastegate open that could make it feel like the turbo isn't working at all. Had similar on the ST when the actuator arm became disconnected :(

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Not certain where it's located exactly apart from at the rear of the engine but the turbo will have a black box fixed to it with a wiring plug going into it. Try unplugging and plugging this back in.


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