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Whiring Noise, Cv Joints??

Philip Male

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Now the handling after that clutch change is coming back good it's onto the next new issue the swap has caused.

I've got a whiring noise coming from the front.

It's dependent on road speed not revs and also happens when coasting.

it's quite loud and annoying, and at motorway speeds turns into a drone.

I can make it momentarly stop by swapping the engine from driving to braking with a touch or reduction in throttle.

I'm assuming, given that last bit, i've got sloppy CV joints on the drive shafts?

I know the shafts would of been popped out for the clutch change, and if they were bad I may have been told :huh:

Sound about right??

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would throttle effect the noise of a wheel bearing? it's a cyclic noise rather than constant.

also noticing a fair bit of slop in the drive system, at slower speeds and more torque theres a larger jolt than i'd expect between drive and engine brake

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Had the wheels bearings changed Monday for the MOT as the left front was a failure.

However it's done nothing for the noise.

Garage said it sounds pretty central and that freewheeling does doing to stop it. Nothing in the system seems sloppy.

Is there anything Ford should of changed during the clutch swap they might not have?

Any other common issues with this sort of noise you can change with throttle on/off ??

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