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Xvision Control Modul(Under Bonnet)


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I hope that someone can help me.

I have Xvision fitted in my Focus(front), and because of water problems in the

control modul(the one under the bonnet) I dissambled it to remove all the water on the circuit board, then

I saw theese two potentiometer(number 1 & 2) and I think I can adjust the sensitivity and offset of the sensors,

and now my question is, can someone tell me which one is for the sensitivity and offset?

I know that they start beeping at 90 cm and have a constant beep at 30 cm. I want to make them start beeping

at about 100-120 cm like the rear one(150 cm)

As you can see on the picture number 1 is at 100% + and number 2 is 100% -

Please help :-)


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