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Mk1 Illuminated Window Switches


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Hi all

just a quick one for you all. Now I'm not into blue LED's inside a car, as I'd find them far too distracting. I spend a lot of time modifying vintage CB equipment where the colour of choice for myself is blue. But not in my motor. Anyway I was fed up with my switches, and even in the dead of night it was very hard to see them. There are 3mm flattop LEDs fitted in the switches from the factory. So what I did was to swap out the resistor. From the factory its a 2k ohm resistor, so I chopped it out (the factory resistors are welded to the metal tracks rather than being soldered) and replaced them with a 270 ohm 1/4 watt and soldered them in . They are about 80% brighter which is just about right without being in your face. I'll post some pictures later on when it gets dark. I foolishly didn't take any before shots. This mod took me about 15 minutes to do, the biggest job was whipping out the switches and cracking them open. You guys can expect to see a lot of LED mods from me, as I have an obsession with the damn things. I just love the light they produce and the fact they use very little current compared to incandescent bulbs and also that they last pretty much for ever. I have already made my own LED number plate lights not long after I got the car as I have them on the wife's Beemer. Ill post some pics of them in a separate thread.


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happy days! I picked up a auto lights dimming light switch the other month, damned thing was green though so will be popping them out soon too, get some red ones in it, ive been getting some great 48 SMD plates from china, the light off them is great for footwells, boots an such like

Fun with LEDs!

someone on here was making a guide for putting some inside the air vents, they used blue then but the idea was floated to use bi red blue LEDs along with some thermal resistors, could be a fun mod :D

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