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Mk2.5 To Newer Model


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I have a 2010 mk2.5 1.6tdci titanium which I'm thinking about trading in next year towards a newer focus

I'm looking at used with low mileage.

Even though diesel has been OK for me I'm thinking petrol would suit me better as I do fairly low mileage.

Has anyone got any thoughts on the 1 litre 125ps petrol?

As well as the 1.6 182ps ecoboost?

I'm not sure which would match or improve my current car best in terms of performance, any advice much appreciated.


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The 1L ecoboost is a great engine, more lively and fun than the 1.6 TDCi.

I would try one though, to see what you think of it. Every Ford garage must have a demo of it as it is so popular (and for good reason).

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My mums focus powered up zig zag hill near Shaftesbury no problem.

If anything it got up easier than her 1.6 hdi 206, lol.

Can always take some friends/family with you to sit in the back on a test drive to weight it up a bit.

Just make sure you go for the 125 PS version as it has the much better 6 speed gearbox.

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Hi Alex

I like your choice of new focus, i have the 2012 62 plate 1.6tdci tit, and being a diesel head for many years now

im still not convinced about the ecoboost engines, if i did go for one would be a four potter in 182bhp not a 3 potter 125

maybe its because im uncertain about a 3 potter sound over four, the zetec would be my choice in the range lots of bells

and whistles on the tit, but come at a price..

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The 3 pot growls whereas the 4 pot purrs.

I quite like the sound of the 1L, the 1.5/1.6 has to be worked harder to get a good noise from it.

You won't believe it till you try one though, they are really rather good. I came from a 2.0 TDCi, else I would have probably opted for the 1L. The 1L is so much more fun to drive than the 1.6 TDCi imo.

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I can confirm that the 125ps 1.0 litre is a fantastic car to drive. Sounds fantastic when you put your foot down, quiet as heck when idling.

Really moves, quicker than my 1.6 petrol zetec i part exchanged.

Seriously, I can't believe how much it's put the fun back into driving. Every chance I get to take it out then I'm off.

Ok, means my average fuel consumption is only mid to high 30s because I'm not driving economically.

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Thanks again for all the replies, really liking the sound of this 1 litre engine, think I might have a look around next year for a good deal on a used model from a ford dealership with low mileage.

I dont think I could go lower than a titanium spec now as I would miss all the extras, such as rear view camera, touch screen satnav/radio control.


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