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Rear Brake Pads


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Hi all,

I replaced the rear pads and discs on my focus about 8 months ago. I used genuine Ford discs and Motorcraft pads.

However, although the work perfectly well, the pads throw lots of black dust over the wheels.

It's at the stage that the rear wheels have more brake dust than the front wheels!

As first thought the rear callipers might be sticking on, and have stripped the rear callipers several times, and when it was in for it's MOT I got the garage to test the rear braked on the rollers, and all is well.

So, so you guys have any recommendations for pads that have a low dust?


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I put motorcraft pads and ford discs on the rear with mine last year and haven't seen any big difference in the amount of pad dust generated.

If anything I think I'm getting less pad material fall-out getting embedded in the paint of the rear wheels. There are 2 versions of rear pads that I know of - the motorcraft ones plus they do offer the Ford ones as used from the factory but usually you have to specify if you wanted them and guide the parts man with the different finis number.

Would anything be amiss with the handbrake mechanisms causing them not to release fully perhaps?

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