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First Post..general Thoughts/ideas For A Focus Mk2!


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Hi all, I've been looking at a few threads on here regarding ST 'lookalike' conversions..they're !Removed! lovely!

If you'll humour me, I'm after tips and advice on how to make my Mk2 Focus look a bit "sportier" if you like. Any exterior aesthetic modifications that make a difference, bonnet vents and the like.

I'm 19 and thus a 5 door hatchback can sometimes seem rather..old for me haha!





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I'm 19 and have the mk2.5 08 focus! (Facelift) I want to either make it look like the RS or the ST however i can't seem to get the parts in tango red :( I can get them for the Mk2!

car looks quite tidy also!

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Cheers! Yeah that'd be the ideal scenario but I certainly haven't got the pennies;) is it 3 door or 5 door? Makes quite the difference especially on pre facelift. Good luck if you have a go!

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I am going to buy it piece at a time and the put it all on once haha! It's a 5 door. I'll try and get a picture you'll have to excuse the mud up the side! Haha Thanks! I'll let you know if i see any parts on my way for you whats your colour called?

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