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Miss Fire + Heater Problems


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Hello All,

I recently bought a 2002 ford focus flight

It has a slight miss fire under 1K revs, changed plugs and air filter so has anyone got any idea of what this could be?

Plus my heaters only work on number 4 settings, no idea why this is so any information would be good on this?!


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Remove the spark plug leads and look to see if any water has gathered in around the spark plugs.

Seems to be a common issue with the Focus.

If there is try remove the water with a syringe of some sort and possibly use a blow dryer to dry up any remaining fluid.

Seems to happen my girlfriends Focus every few months and is always the issue for it misfiring

Not sure about the heater problem unfortunately

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Might also be worth removing the spark plug leads form the spark plugs and coil pack and shake them seeing if any condensation or moisture comes out of then, another common thing with the Focus

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