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Poor Mpg


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Hi Guys .

i am new to this site so i say hello to all.

I have owned mostly Fords throughout my driving career and i am nearly 60 yrs .

Used to do my own repairs on Escort's Cortina's Capri's Transit's and Granada's .

I bought a 1.6tdci Focus in november 2009 never had any problems apart from the usual parts that wear out only wheel bearings and hand brake cable so it was a very good car but starting to show its age.

The MPG i got was about 40 round town dropping to about 36 in the dead of winter, on the trips we made to Scotland and covering about 400 miles for some reason most of the time it returned 53 MPG this was with 4 adults and cruising at around 75/80 .

The best i had was 58 Mpg last janruary when i take a friend to Watford to buy a suzuki hayabusa .

In spetember i bought a 2013 C Max 2.0 TDCI Titanium i have OCD and i have always worked my mpg out for my cars also my Triumph Sprint St 955i.

My Cmax is only doing around 33mpg round town and when we went to Scotland at the begining of december doing a little over 400 miles , the first 300 miles were at 70 mph with the cruise control on but the last 100 miles from southwaite services near Carlisle back home to Accrington was at 60 mph due to weather conditions and when i worked the mpg out to 43.8 which i consider very poor .

I would like to know if any other members with similar vehicles what their mpg is .

My C Max is still under warrantee and was bought from Evans Halshaw in Burnley but i am going to take it to the same dealer but the one nearer to me in Blackburn i have done about 2000 miles in the car since i bought it and it has been serviced by the dealer at just over 9k and the milage just now is just over 15k so due to be services again in march 2015 .

I would be grateful for any opinions .



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I had the same issue and there are a number of things you can do to improve the MPG.

First off, I managed to improve my cars MPG by about 15 - 20 MPG by doing the following:

1) change the air filter

2) do a service on the car (I had the oil and filter replaced)

3) blank the EGR valve

4) Replaced a split turbo intercooler pipe.

5) put a tank of BG244 into the fuel tank

All of these as you can see made a massive difference to my MPG.

You have to bear in mind the economy will naturally dip when the weather outside is colder than about 7 degrees celcius.

You can also get the wheel alignment, balance and tyre pressures checked and reset if necessary and this will make a difference.

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Hi tnx for info.

The cmax is a 2013 model and had its first service by evans halshaw in burnley where it was bought at just over 9 thousand miles .

It is due again before 21682 miles or begining of april but i will have it done in march by the same company but in blackburn which is nearer to me.

I hve been in touch with a guy at Ford and hve t let him know when it goes in so he can lease with them and hopefully they will get it sorted.

Agn tnx for reply.


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OK so for a 2013, I would expect a good service should help but the car should be run in well by now!

To be fair, I think although you want better results, you have to bear in mind the weather will knock a good chunk of MPG, but averaging 48MPG at the point of winter and across such a run, it doesnt seem unreasonable

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I had it serviced by Evans Halshaw in blackburn abt 3weeks ago with just over 17.000 miles.

All they did was the oil n filter and checked discs n pads and said it needed new brake fluid change n wipers.

They never cleaned the engine of all the salt spray that covered the engine compartment which made me suspicious .

So i checked the paperwork them i replaced the airfilter myself and took the old one t show them with me having concerns abt poor mpg.

I did go t Scotland at new year with only me in the car and never went above 65mph and it did 53mpg.

Coming home it was heavy rain n wind and it did 39 mpg.

The dealer said they could not find anything wrong with the car.

But when ford sent me an email they said that the rubber seal i fitted to the bonnet could void any warrantee claim so i removed it.

These are a heavy vehicle but nice t drive but not gud of fuel so i tend t stick to abt 60mph when doing local journeys and the next time i go to Scotland i will put another post on.

The air filter in my opinion shud hve been changed as it was black n damp but they said it did not need changed till 25.000 miles which wud hve been the second service but my vehicle had not done that milage but next service it will go to my usual garage but i will buy genuine ford parts from eBay n save money.

Sorry to hear you are having the same problem but Ford customer service says they are not their fuel figures and only a guide but they are happy t hve them in the handbook .

I give it s gud run along my local motorway once a week t keep he dpf clean as i mostly do short runs.

Hope this helps you.



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I also found water in the bottom of the air filter box.

The air filter is easy to change and a genuine Ford filter abt £11 on eBay.just gave me peace of mind knowing it had been changed.

Main dealers waste of time stick with ur local garage who you trust and if ur vehicle is still under warrantee use genuine Ford parts n keep receipts but ur local garage can service ur vehicle it says that in ur handbook.

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Thanks for letting me know. I've decided to buy a k&n filter. I fitted one to my old cmax which improved the mpg a little so I will see if this gives any benifits in my new car.

I really find it amazing how all these emission and particulate devices are fitted to help the environment but they all have a detrimental effect on the overal efficiency of the car.

I know these cars are heavy, but they are only just over 100kg heavier than my old cmax, but my old car would do 50-55 at 70-80 and they have the same basic engine.

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I hve a K&N filter in my bike but i hve read somewhere that ppl hve had problems with the MAS sensor with the K&N but if you hve used one in ur previous cmax without any priblems you will know.

Please let me know how you get on.

Like you say Ford hve gone backwards with these new models.

Regards to All.


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