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Wiring Faults ? 1.6Tdci


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Good morning, Merry Christmas

I am new to this site but hope some one will offer insight into my problems.

I have owned my CMax 1.6tdci since 2007, it has been a good car overall, I have done the usual injector seals at 70k and a year later still good.

However the car in its life has always come up with various fault codes eg

P0914 gearshift position circuit

P138B glow plug module voltage

P0514 battery temp circuit

These faults will always reset using my notebook/F super lead, and do not seem to affect the running of the car.

P0404 EGR has been constant for 3 + years and will not reset, but EGR can be heard cycling each time engine stops, it is clean and using a blanking plate can be seen to be operating, this also does not seem to affect the running of the car.

A new fault has appeared which does ? affect the running and will not reset.


P0204 cyl 4 open circuit, then after a 30 mile run

P0304 cyl 4 misfire, this misfire is not detectable at all, but the the engine light is on and power range (turbo?limp home ?) is limited to 2200-3000 revs so although acceleration is a pain 80mph on motorway is no problem.

Finally my questions are-

Could all these faults be wiring related ? if so where to look, the car cost me £1262 for canbus faults 2 years ago at our local Ford dealer (included steering motor)this did not stop these codes appearing

Could all these faults be linked to a faulty injector ?

Any advice appreciated in advance


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those are likely to be wiring related. I suggest you check the wiring carefully for any visible damage. Alternatively I would advise your best off handing the car to a reputable auto electrician!

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