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Just had a specialist spend 8hours trying to map my car focus 1.6tdci 2010 plate and he said for the first time ever he couldn't do it, he couldn't by pass the ECU he reckons its already been tampered with and locked, he said he's going to do some homework on it but just wondering if anyone on here has any opinions or any theories or perhaps I need to replace the ECU? He didn't charge me a penny neither for the 8 hours of trying.

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Hi there Chris,

Your gains are 27bhp and 70 nm, quite a nice gain for that size of engine, especially the torque which brings it up to 310nm.

Here's the rub though, it seems your gonna have security screws on there. Ive done the odd 08 focus which needed Ecu pulled but the anti tamper screws can be a pain when you are on the road so I would be reluctant to take this one on buddy. This type of job is better in a garage incase there's any foreseeable problems that need overcome.

The car needs jacked, wheel off, arch liner off then you've got to get the dremel right into the faceless screws really square to get good purchase on them.

I've spoken to my friend at Ecotune, he can certainly entertain this.

It's a bit of a trip for you but the results are worthwhile.

07595 423160 this is stans number, he is the owner. You can give him a call or text.

Sorry I can't be of help in this occasion Chris.



Just got this reply from another mapping company :((( lol

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Focus came in for power tune 1.6tdci usually fairly straight forward but with a sporadic OBD Kline/can line in OBD port cable which caused some issues we still achieved a nice power tune results were achieved with 25hp and 55nm along with its pressure loss repairs

I managed I get it mapped this was the guys brief review on Facebook once it was done

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