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Boot Not Aligning Correctly On One Side


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The boot on my focus isn't sitting where it should, the passenger side is at fault. At the top where the boot should be flush with the roof, it isn't and isn't sealing with the seal. The boot hinge on that side looks higher up than the other side. Not sure if there is anything I can do, thanks!







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I think you'd be better trying to bend the tailgate/hinges back into position without unbolting anything - applying a twist to the bottom of the open tailgate should give enough leverage to bend the hinges.

Problem with unbolting the tailgate (from experience) is that as soon as you undo the hinge bolts on either side the pressure from the gas strut instantly pushes the tailgate way out of position on the hinge. If you disconnect one of the dampers the tailgate then doesn't stay supported and the weight of it makes it a real struggle to move in relation to the hinge with any accuracy. Maybe better if you've got another pair of hands to help but I'd definitely go for bending the hinges first without unbolting anything.

Can be a nightmare getting what looks like a good alignment both for tailgate side to side and also upper in relation to the roof.

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