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Focus St Mk2 Alarm Trouble


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Hi all,

My alarm has been going off randomly for weeks driving me mad.

It's been to a garage, had a new battery, and I've been told that water has got in to a sensor and has pretty much runied it. £100+ job to repair.

This time of the year it's something I don't really want to pay out on right now.

So for the time being, how can I go about just disabling the alarm (without taking it to a garage)?


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Can maybe be done with an ELM327 unit and associated software.

Did the garage say which sensor is ruined? only one I can think of which wouldn't throw up other faults would be the interior motion sensor in the headliner, not massive job to replace if that's the case.

But you also need to look into how water got into the sensor in the first place. Possible the aerial base isn't tight, if that's not fixed you'll have the problem again.

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Cheers. I can't remember off the top of my head, but it's under the bonnet. When i first took it in to the garage they dried it out and all was well for about a week. They said if it comes back it will need replacing, and with the snow the problem has reared it's head again.

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