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My Race Red Mk7.5 Fiesta Zs


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Hi all,

Just wanted to show off the modifications I have planned for the car and those which have already been done. So here is my list of modifications I have planned for the car:

1. LED Number Plate bulbs - DONE

2. CREE White LED Sidelights - DONE

3. Change Interior Footwell bulbs (white/red) - DONE

4. Powder Coating - DONE

5. Wind Deflectors - DONE

6. Sill Kick Plates - DONE

7. De-badge car

8. S badge for front grille

9. Paint Calipers Red

10. AS Stage 2 Induction Kit - DONE

11. Mountune Intercooler and Charge Kit

12. Rear Diffuser and Exhaust Tip

13. Lowering Springs

14 And more to come...

I've been an owner of my ZS Fiesta now for a little over 4 months and apart from some engine problems at the start of owning the car, I've loved every second of it!

Unfortunately I don't have pictures of when I picked the car up from the dealership and some of the other pictures I have taken, but I will update the thread with those when I find them!

The first mod I made was changing the number plate lights to LED's. It instantly made a difference and is dirt cheap and easy to do!

Second was the CREE White LED Sidelights which were about £15 from eBay and they really make the difference to the look of the car. I tend to use them in place of the DRL's as I hate the Yellow OEM Lights....urghhh!

Third was changing the interior foot well lights. I decided to go for white light again (can see a theme here) but I do also want to try them with Red bulbs to match the ambient lighting and color of the car, but for now I like the white light so its staying :)

NOTE: I will update the thread with pictures for these modifications when I can :)

Then it was time, to turn my attention to the alloys. I decided to get them powder coated and settled for Gloss Black to replace the stock silver. The car was dropped off in the morning about 8am at the coaters and was picked up the same day about 5pm. I was amazed at how well they turned out and look on the car. I think the car looks and sits much better on the road now and I absolutely love them!

To finish off the styling mods it was time to grab some wind deflectors and Sill Kick Plates. I got in touch with my local ford dealer about some Wind Deflectors and they ordered me in some ClimAir Sport deflectors which cost me £40. They were simple and easy to fit to the car and I haven't had any problems with them in terms of rattling!

After doing browsing and being recommended some, I settled on getting some Lockwood Door Plates off amazon, which can with the S badge in the middle of the plates. The plates themselves were super easy to fit, just wiped down the surface of where I wanted them to sit, pulled off the adhesive backing and put them in place. Yet another simple mod but it makes me smile every time I open the car door, and to me...that's what its all about!

Just some shots of the car :)

So that completed my project up to present day. I'm waiting on my mountune induction kit to arrive sometime in January as orders have been placed on hold for the Christmas period. So once that is here I shall update the thread with the installation process of that and a comparison video!

Thank you :)

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UPDATE: Finally managed to grab some snaps of the modifications above which I initially didn't have any images for so here they are :)

CREE White LED Sidelights:



White LED Number Plate Cluster:


Interior Footwell Lights (White):




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Today I've turned my attention to my Induction Kit. The Kit should be here by Friday, so I shall be installing it this Saturday if all goes to plan, So I have decided to make a start as I've already got the upgraded Pro Silicone Hose.

Here it is all fitted and ready for my new induction kit :)



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UPDATE: I received my AS Stage 2 Induction Kit on Friday and installed it over the weekend, I shall post some pictures tomorrow once I've finished work and a comparison video between the stock air box and the new induction kit

This was half way through the installation :)


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UPDATE 14.01.2015: I've had my new Induction Kit in now for a few days, and I must say it sounds great and the car definitely feels more responsive :)

I think it took about an hour in total to do the whole installation, from removal of the old stock air box to fitting the new kit, but I'm not the quickest at doing these things anyway :)

Here are some pictures of what the new AS Stage 2 Performance Induction Kit looks like in the bay!

post-60199-0-96407200-1421244050_thumb.j post-60199-0-24895200-1421244061_thumb.j

post-60199-0-01233100-1421244145_thumb.j post-60199-0-05928100-1421244159_thumb.j

I also decided to make a quick sound comparison video of the two which you can check out here if you so wish :)


Thanks :) :)

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