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Possible Imrc Problem

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Hi all. I have a 2002 ST170 and it is having a problem. The engine management light has come on and it's using a hell of a lot of fuel. Also sometimes I get a popping sound from the exhaust. Someone said it is the inlet manifold flap getting stuck open so I looked at it today. The lever connected to the flap works fine. Opens and closes ok. When the engine is not running the lever is further towards the windscreen. When I start it, it mover towards the radiator and stays there. Someone said it's supposed to flick back after it reaches 5 - 5.5K RPM's. I took mine to nearly 6k RPM's and it did not flick back. I took the IMRC box out and apart today and cleaned the contact on the circuit board with fine emery cloth, checked the operation of the spring and it all seemed ok. Re-fitted it and it's still the same.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.



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Hi there. I think I now have the IMRC problem sorted. I removed the box and took it apart, cleaned the contacts and put it back together. Im still getting EML problems but not getting the same fault code. It's now saying I have a problem with the timing. Getting fed up with this ford.

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