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I have the 63 plate mk7.5 fiesta zetec s 125ps model currently, im in a bit of a pickle with what to do, ive had the car since the day it came out, im currently on the ford options plan with a 6600 lump sum to pay at the end.

im almost half way through the 3 year plan but i do a lot of driving and have done 27000 miles in less than a year and half.

what would be the best option because i know the value is going to drop so much if i keep it the whole time?

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Not too sure if this applies to ford option...I cant remember what mine is either! BUT - on the front page of my agreement at the bottom there is a section called "the half rule" - basically means once you have paid half of the amount you owe off so lets say your car was worth £20k at start you have paid £10k off, you are entitles to hand back the car and walk away. obviously you will probably be charge the excess miles? so depending on what your original set miles was could be looking at something expensive I know that I was set 12,000 by ford 4 months in I've already done 8,000 lol I think im looking at going over around 3-4000 miles so an extra £240 for me according to ford 0.06p a mile.

have a look at your contract see what you can do....if you can do that may need to start saving for a deposit for a new car elsewhere, and saving to pay your miles off?

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I would suggest doing either what has been stated above and returning the car when you paid the half the agreement or whatever it is and then returning the car back, or if you let the plan do it's full course and then return it then from my own experience then the dealers don't tend charge the excess mileage (if you are lucky, and it's not overly excessive!) if you are looking to get another options plan on another new or used car.

You will probably be able to find some excellent ford options offers on used low mileage fiestas now.

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