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You've lost a lot of boot space with the install.. I decided to make a custom sub enclosure for that reason.. I'm now running a 10" JL audio sub powered by a JL audio jx500/1d with a Boss Audio 2 farad capacitor mounted ontop of the subwoofer meaning I've lost basically no boot space! Could be an idea for you?

I'm running Focal PS165Fs in the front powered by a blaupunkt GTA 470/4 amp hidden under the seat meaning I loose next to no legroom in the rear :)

Are you leaving everything as it is now? Or remounting/refitting things?

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Fair enough! Lucky you not having to taxi people around! Haha.. I wish I was that fortunate :(

False floors/panels are a great idea! But I have to be honest, mine wasn't the greatest of ideas and I think my bad idea may have rubbed off on you slightly? As Lenny pointed out to me that most people use false floors to either completely hide the amps or reveal them with a sheet of acrylic looking all nice and dandy! Whereas you & me have just screwed stuff to it! Haha.. Gone for the industrial with carpet look! Not a bad thing at all, as it still looks good!

What connectors have you used to make it easy to unplug the Speakers mounted in the parcel shelf?

As for a headunit.. If you can fit a double din then I recommend the Pioneer AVH2600BT.. Amazing quality unit at a great price! I've not had any problems with it!.. A few learning curves and setting conflicts but not real problems!

I'm glad you've enjoyed reading my thread! I'm surprised at how far I've taken it! I went from "yeah I just want a little bass" to "f**k it I'm going all the way!" Any suggestions as to what you would change with my setup? I'm open to opinions :)

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Have now changed the head unit for the one I wanted. Sony with 6 preouts, handsfree and DAB (see link)


Will update with photos and more updates in the next few days.

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