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Mk1 Focus Key Issue


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Happy New Year Everybody.

Hopefully someone can help me out with a problem on my fiancés 2001 Ford Focus 1.6.
When she purchased the car, it only came with one key. At the time it remotely unlocked the car as standard. It then stopped working. We changed the battery in the key fob; it worked for a while again at close range and now nothing again.

In the meantime (last 6 months) she has been manually opening the doors with the key.
Over the past few weeks she has found it harder and harder to get into the driver’s door as the key unlocks sporadically. So have been entering the car from the passenger door (which opens 100%) and the unlocking the driver’s door from the inside.

I had a play with the door yesterday and now we can open the driver’s door sporadically with the key but it’s definitely not something I would trust.

Finally, in an attempt the get the key working again I followed instructions regarding turning the key ¾ times until the beep and then pressing a button on the key to “pair” them up again but to no avail. (Im convinced the key is dead). After doing this I am now finding it hard to start the car first time as the key seems to not want to turn in the ignition and takes a few try’s to unlock the steering wheel.. it does sometimes work first time.. but I just want to put these issues to bed.

The key does seem very worn.. And I believe getting a new key, and unlocking the car with that remotely would be the best bet moving forward.

I am based in Manchester, and if anyone can point me in right different in terms of advice or maybe people/companies that can sort a new key etc.. I would appreciate it.


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You're best and cheapest bet is to get a mobile locksmith its classic worn key syndrome and quite common it will just stop eventually the remote is likely worn as well and needing replaced

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Buy a spare tibbe blade off eBay and get it cut to your original blade code.

It's easy to read the code yourself but a good cutter can do it too.

Some eBay sellers will supply and cut a blade to code too.

I'll dig out my code reading info for you.

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