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2.0L Turbo Diesal Struggles When Raining/surface Water


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My 2006, 166000 miler turbo diesal has a beautiful engine but struggles when heavy rain and surface water.

On two occasions it has lost revs and dies out. Other times it will stutter and changing down will breathe life back into the engine.

When it died the first time, the engine would immediately restart but when I took my foot off the fast pedal it would die. A forty five minute wait for RAC, I tried again and it managed to get me into work.The rain stopped during the day and it started first time and took me home.

Doesnt happen in the cold or the hot, only when rain about?

Take it easy with the tech terms as I am pretty much a novice to anything diesaly.....cheers

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Check your air filter reason I say this had a 2.0 a while back bought it with a problem the air filter looked as if it had been wet/damp at some point and if so would stop air flow so it is a possible cause worth a look .

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Drove car home yesterday evening,wethaer was dry. Drove well,nearly home (19 mile journey), and pulling out into a main from a country lane (slight incline) the car died,lost revs and stalled out. Limped it to a suitable stop point and called RAC. He disconnected three of the four injectors in the top of the block and couldnt release the last one as too tight. He managed to get it off,asked me to start the car etc and he noticed a small diesal leak from under the nut closest to the engine block where the injector goes in. Tightened it and now noticed air in the transparent lines, I started the car and there was lots of diesal on the deck under the car ,dunno what he did but reconnected it all and the engine ticked over lovely as per...

I took it for a little spin as he watched and the engine was struggling but as he followed me home I floored the engine in third and lots of smoke etc from the exhaust,diesal smoke burning off the engine block. It returned to normal tickover tho and I drove home no probs.

Have driven into work (19miles) this mornin and it didnt miss a beat.My question is, do i need to do anything else,like change fuel filters,bleed the system etc or just leave it alone? Does the system self bleed?

Many thanks for those suggestions thus far and thanks in anticipation of more....patmac

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About 5 years ago, mine had a problem starting and I noticed air in the transparent lines. I checked for leaks and replaced the fuel filter and a few other things but then discovered that it wasn't air in the clear fuel lines but water. I had recently changed job location and started using a different filling station. Once I stopped using that filling station, the bubbles went away and the car has been fine since. Obviously there was water in the filling station diesel tanks.

Maybe you are somehow getting rainwater into your fuel tank?

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