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Hi guys never thought id be on a ford owners club

I have owned 2 pumas before bit girly but loved that 1.7 block

Anyway i bought missus a focus mk1 1.6 2000

last year and iv got a few issues which is almost making me want to sell it

But now i thought id sign up here before and get the proper help as mechanics might be cowboys in my town

First issue it idles lumpy not too much just a bit but its annoying.. rev needle dont really move it stays around 700rpm but engine sounds like a diesel is that rpm too low.. anyway noise began after thermostat and water pump change, recently changed icv but same issue. It seems to do it more with heaters on full and this also causes car to set of very slugglish like a big flat spot

2. Other annoying problem iv had it tracked twice, tyres change and balance, checked shocks springs track rods but steering wheel in centre position is pulling badly to left :(

Any help would be appreciated please

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