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Pumaspeed 205 Kit?

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Hi all, does anyone have, or know anyone who has this puma speed 205 kit fitted to a 2.0 duratec focus? Says it boosts from 144 to 200, but i cant see how without turboing?

Might be my limited knowledge, bit still, any input greatly welcomed


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Checking their website from your link, the 205bhp kit needs the car to already have their 190 kit, then the 205 manifold plus another remap takes the car up to the claimed 205bhp.

While the manifold itself may fit all the 2.0L Duratec motors, the earlier stage mods contain some specific Fiesta ST parts such as exhaust system, air induction kit and so on.

Overall the 205 bhp is achieved through pretty much all you can do to a normally aspirated car before opening up the engine for head porting - full exhaust system, sports cat & manifold, air induction kit, remap, then a new set of cams, and finally the intake manifold. And lighten your wallet to the scope of £2000-£2500 depending on fitting, sports cat or decat and so on.

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I did wonder if that was the case with it mentioning the 190 kit.

Thanks so much for the fast and concise reply :)

So as a newbie, im after a good starting point for modding my 2.0 zetec s for more power, where os the best place to start would you say?

Thanks again

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No problem helping out Rick

Can't give you specific advice about your motor as I've only experience with the ST170 some years back.

Generally the usual routes to go down are pretty much similar to the type of parts supplied as you work your way up the Pumabuild kits. Then depends which give the most bang for their buck, how they affect the car and what is actually achievable with your car. Lot of the options will have been tried and tested it's just a case of getting decent feedback.

Remap is usually one of first things to go for, also induction kit and exhaust change. Maybe an improved throttle body is available too. Some of these can make the car a bit louder or too loud, or fail MOT if there's a decat fitted and could be that the power characteristics aren't as smooth either. Possibly also vernier cam pulleys and lighter accessory drive pulleys going back to ST170 days.

With the ST170 I only got as far as Bluefin remap, K&N Typhoon intake kit, ported throttle body and 2.0L auto air deflector from memory and in truth it didn't exactly turn the car into a beastie just made it a bit sharper to drive. Some of those mods had been hyped up a little bit too much as I found out the hard way.

End of the day start off by deciding how much you're willing to spend and go from there :)

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