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Zetec Ecoboost 1.6 Started By Itself????


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This is a weird one. Parked my Focus Zetec 1.6 ecoboost at work the other day, returned 9 hours later unable to unlock it, only to find it was unlocked and the engine running????

Didn't hear the engine running when I parked it, didn't hear any ding-dong when I opened the door. Don't always look when I'm locking it.

I park 150m away from my work in a concrete building with no windows. I may have left the engine running but I don't think I did. The fuel consumption had gone down by 10mpg. Did a test today, timing how long it would take for the fuel consumption to drop by 0.1mpg (x100) and it worked out at just over 3.6 hours.

The car was warm inside, but my iPhone didn't connect automatically as it usually does and the radio station display had changed to the ASTFM screen.

Really confused, am I cracking up, going senile, or is it possible it had some weird electrical response and started itself. The only other key was at home 25 miles away.

Has anyone hear of this or something like it?

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wow, that is a strange one. yor are gonna have to call the ghostbusters on this one...or ask Ford if they have hear dof any similar scenarios. Actually google it as well in case ford rubbish off any similar incidents.

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