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Aftermarket Lights - Ford Focus Mk2


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I've been looking into buying headlights/rear lights/smoked side repeaters. I'm just wondering if anyone has bought aftermarket parts that they were happy with? There's a lot of crap going around that I want to avoid buying by accident. I'm struggling to find side repeaters from sellers that I recognise. I'm worried about the quality and light output of aftermarket headlights as well.

Do most people stick to Ford parts? Such as ST or RS rear lights and modify the wiring?

Pictures welcome!

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I fitted Depo headlights which are basically their version of the standard Ford black ones.

Tbh the quality is very good for the price.

I also fitted smoked led repeaters, very nice but a bit of a tight fit (a bit of filing helped).

I have also fitted an led third brake light.

Recently fitted led tail lights I got from Brigante as well.

Pictures and links to follow.

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Hi Stoney,

My standard lights just so happen to be the smoked variety as standard as opposed to the chrome ones. I've seen some nice looking headlights, but I'm not sure if they'll look too much like they're an after thought. There's also the issue of quality.

I'm buying a ST spoiler and that apparently comes with a clear lens instead of a red one (at least if you buy it from fordpartsuk).

£43 for side repeaters is a bit steep. Even standard smoked ones would have done if I could find them. What tail lights did you fit?

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I believe the clear ST light is already led but if not-


I only paid about £15 for my repeaters but prices seem to have shot up lately.

The rear lights I got from Brigante are pretty much identical to the ones I listed, there's a fair choice on eBay.

Just be sure they're for a mk2 as the facelift ones have different wiring.

Check out Kpg's threads as he's just bought some tidy angel eye headlights.

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In case its of interest I have some ST looky black projector headlights for sale in the sale section. They have built in halos and look pretty sweet

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Compared to the Mk1 Focus it really surprised me that there are nowhere near as many options for aftermarket rear lights on the mk2. There was so much choice I even found a set I liked, for my ST170.

So I'm sticking with the mk2.5 LED versions instead.

With the brake light for the ST spoiler this originally had a red lens, think it was either an option or part off C-max etc which was clear and could be fitted as a straight swap. Some time around the introduction of the facelift Ford then went to the clear version as standard on the ST, and was same for the RS.

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Agreed that the selection isn't brilliant. Ultra advertise a few variations of LED lights, but they don't have pictures of them! Not really ideal.

Might have to go down the RS route.

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I know you've seen already but I've just fitted Depo angel eyes tonight with LED Bulbs for the rings:


Also, if you're lucky, you could look for a set of RS tail lights on eBay. I fitted ones last year with a bit of clever re wiring:


I highly recommend them.

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