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Elmconfig And Some Queries.


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Been playing since my modified adapter turned up with ELMConfig.

However I assume some things may or may not work.

I have tried setting various speed limits with the speed limit function to no avail, is this only available on certain vehicles or PCM models?

I have enabled Hill launch assist, it shows on the advanced settings on the dashboard and this along with steering setting can be saved to the current key in the ignition, however the hill assist does not appear to be working either.

The only other ting I am confused by is why I am getting a U1900-60 DTC on the HEC any ideas why this is?

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Hill Launch Assist was only available on the MPS6 (Powershift) gearbox. On all differnt gearbox types this function does not work.

The U1900 DTC code is related to a CANbus communication fault. This code can be caused during diagnostics. This code is present on many cars during diagnostics. In my opinion this DTC code it nothing to worry about if there are no problems with the car.

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So my car is pants then lol 2 functions I would like and neither will work typical.

Had a transit with Hill hold on hire once, would have thought the ABS modulator would easily be able to hold the brakes for a few seconds on pretty much any car these days.

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