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Dpf Mountings And Missing Vacuum Pipe On 2.0Tdci


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I wonder if anybody here can help me and my bro get to the bottom of some DPF related problems on my Focus. It's a 2008 2.0tdci zetec model with 96k, with regular long distance driving on A roads.

Over Christmas, the car went into what I'm assuming is limp mode when overtaking on a NSL dual carriage way, the car wouldn't let me accelerate at high speed, speed dropping, rev's being limited/but maintained. No malfunction indicator lamp appeared on the dashboard.... After this I checked for fault codes using OBD Auto Doctor which showed P242F - Diesel Particulate Filter Restriction - Ash Accumulation. The next time I went in the car I ran it on a NSL road for 40 mins, lower gear, higher revs etc. When I checked, the fault code disappeared, appearing that the long run at low revs managed to clear the DPF blockage.

I have since ran FORSCAN and the following fault codes appear:

  • P242F - Diesel Particulate Filter Restriction - Ash Accumulation (previously set DTC, not current)
  • P2452 - 21 - Particulate Matter Trap Differential Pressure Sensor Circuit (Signal is Above Maximum Threshold) (previously set DTC, not current)
  • P042D - Catalyst Temperature Sensor Circuit High Input Bank 1 Sensor Circuit 2 (Signal is Above Maximum Threshold) (DTC Present at Time of Request)
  • C1956 - 20 - Steering Angle Sensor Circuit Failure (previously set DTC, not current)
  • U1900 -20 - Missing Message for Engine Speed (Code: U1900 - Missing Message for Engine Speed)

At least one of these fault codes should light up the dashboard engine light, shouldn't they, according to the reading in FORSCAN? I think it's quite strange that I haven't seen the light at all on the dash.

Together with this my brother found a vaccuum pipe with a bolt in it (shown in picture below). He also found that the bolts holding the DPF are wielded in?? (pictures attached) Do you guys know what that vacuum pipe for, and is it normal from factory for bolts holding DPF to be wielded in?

Do you guys know whether this is likely just to be case of the DPF being filled with ash, and needing replacing or perhaps that the DPF has been removed in it's past life? Or some other explanation...



post-61923-0-76668500-1421273039_thumb.j post-61923-0-38328300-1421273388_thumb.j post-61923-0-30323400-1421273393_thumb.j

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