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Focus Mk2.5 Dead. Engine Won't Start


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Hi guys,

today I was riding my Focus MK2.5 hatchback 1.6 90 cv (econetic) on the motorway. All good for about 40km after I left home. Whilst on 120km/h the car just lost its power as if I left my foot off the pedal. No matter how hard I would have pressed it, the car didn't respond at all. I had to stop on the emergency lane and call for help.

After the mechanic arrived he tried checking it for what he could on the spot with no luck. Actually its computer wasn't even able to deeply read my car's computer and eventually got stuck there.

At the end we brought the car in front of the nearest Ford mechanic and I'll go there tomorrow morning.

Some details:

- Tank's full

- When trying to start, the engine tries with no luck as if there's no diesel in it

- battery is fully charged

- No error leds came up before, during and after the issue

Anybody has any idea what it might be and what to expect?

Thanks :)

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Me again. Just went to the mechanic, apparently the issue is the "Exhaust valve" (literally translated from Dutch to English so I'm not sure if that even makes sense).

They told me that only that will cost between 350 and 450 Euros.

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Sounds like the EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation Valve). as its a 1.6TDCi - I would suggest you blank the EGR valve first, and see if that resolves the issue, and if that fails (it only costs about €7) then only consider beyond that replacing the valve itself.

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they should provide you with a recipt for the goods/work carried out. plus look at the EGR to see if its new or if a plate has been added to blank it off. IF you have been ripped off then ask for a refund or go to the small claims court and gets your hard earned cash back.

this guide will help you in identifying the parts:


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Thanks for the guide.. i'm not that comfortable with opening that up myself.. I'll try to see if a colleague of mine is able to help me out. If they ripped me off for real I'm gonna go back with my lawyer :)

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